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Application Area
-It is used in interiors, papierpé, curtain board, light tape, column and edge suspension ceiling etc. in decorative and decorative applications.
Application Properties
-Freezing time: min. 8 minutes (with cutting method)
-ARALÇI CARTON PADDYer ALÇIIs a high strength, white, smooth, paint can be easily applied, it is a construction plaster that gives an aesthetic image to the surfaces where it is applied.
-It is also very suitable for mold manufacturing in the ceramic industry.
-Usage time allows comfortable and fire-free application.
-Thanks to its thinness, whiteness and freezing time, it provides the appropriate operation.
-Construction plaster can also be applied in the areas of use.
Surface Preparation
-Surfaces to be applied should be removed from the remains that prevent holding such as dust, dirt, oil, etc.
-Make sure that the surface is taken and intact.
Terms of Application
-Ambient temperature +5 °C to +30°C,
-It should not be applied on frozen, melting or frozen surfaces within 24 hours.
-Completed surfaces should not be contacted with the strictly water.
-Direct sun should not be applied under strong wind or on hot surfaces

Warnings and Recommendations
-Attention should be paid to the water/plaster ratio of the mixture. Otherwise, the deterioration of this rate can cause spills, cracks and low strength.
-No application should be carried out in very hot, dry and windy environments. As a result of applications to be carried out in extremely hot environments, spills, cracks and loss of strength may occur.
-Product storage requirements should be observed. Products should not be stored in humid and very hot environments.
-It should never be used when faced with cases such as petrification in the bag.
-Powder should not be inhaled as it contains various chemical additives and plaster. Skin and eye should not be touched. Washing with plenty of water should be done in case of contact. During the studies, workwear such as masks and gloves should be used.
Application Tools
Hand mixer,
-The container to prepare the mortar must be clean and free of the residues of the previous mixture.
-The water used in the mixture should not be salty, acidic or oily. The water temperature should be between 17 and 23°C.
-Mortar 7 lt. water should be prepared at the rate of 10 kg ARALÇI CARTON.
-Water is placed first into the container and then the ARALÇI CARTON IS SEPED. The plaster is expected to absorb water for about 2-3 minutes.
-By mixing well with the mala or hand mixer, the mortar is provided with a homogeneous consistency.
-If the hand mixer is used, the work age of the mixer will affect freezing, so at low speed
must be operated.
-The mortar in the mixing bowl is done until it becomes fluent at every point

- Water or plaster should not be added after the mixture to prevent the plaster from being lumped.
-Another product or material should not be mixed into the ARALÇI CARTON BOOKMAKER.
-The mold to be poured should be cleaned and placed on a comfortable shake surface.
-The appropriate material is applied to the mold surface for the correct exit of the papierptopor from the mold.
-The mortar is poured into the mold and it is well placed in the mold.
-When necessary, the strength is reinforced when necessary to increase the strength.
-After the plaster starts to harden, the mold is cleaned.
-Plaster spilled into the mold will start to heat up. After the warm-up period is over, the plaster is removed from the mold.
-The plaster removed from the mold is kept at ambient temperature until dry. The wait for the product prevents breakage and cracking during installation.
-The mortar to be used for the pasting of the mold can be prepared in the same way from the ARALÇI CARTON.
Storage Terms
-A maximum of 18 bags should be placed in a dry environment. Bags should be stored to protect from moisture, not to touch the floor. In these conditions, THE ARALÇI CARTON BOARD SHOULD be used within 12 months from the date of production. Unsuitable storage conditions or exceeding the duration of use may impair the product's qualifications.

General Information
View White, powdered
Shelf Life See Storage Terms
Packing 30 kg Polypropylene laminated bag
Application Properties
Application Temperature (+5 °C) to (+35°C)
Mixing Ratio 7 L water/10 kg powder
Freezing Time minimum 8 minutes (by cutting method)
Consumption 1 kg/m2 (for thickness of 1 mm)
Performance Information
Two Hours LaterBend Strength ≥ 1.5 N/mm2
Seven Days LaterBend Strength ≥ 2 N/mm2
Surface hardness ≥ 4 N/mm2 after two hours
Surface hardness ≥ 10 N/mm2 after Seven Days
Outlet start time: ≥ 50 minutes
Calcium Sulfate percentage ≥ 50%
Sound insulation emitted directly by air N PD
Thermal Resistance ≤ 0.28 W(m/K)
Dry Surface Hardness ≥ 55 SHORE D
Fire Class A1
Temperature Resistance (-30 °C) to (+60°C)
Note: Application characteristics are provided in laboratory environment (23 ± 2 °C and 50% ± 5 humidity and airflow) and may vary according to different ambient conditions. Performance information has been tested in specified environments in accordance with the product's applicable standard, and results may vary in different environments.
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